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has anyone heard of a company called otcn online telecenter network and is it a real and legit business

Called about the job after I seen a post of the job online and just trying to see if it was the real deal

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I don't actually know anyone who works for this company but I did a Google search and found out that they have several postings listed on various job sites that just gives general information about the job. On one of the job sites, it states that it is a legitimate business meaning that they probably do not have work at home jobs even though they advertise that they do. They also claim that you will make $1,000 per week which is a red flag. This is not a company that I have heard of before and I do not know of anyone who has worked for them. I would be very cautious about this company because it could be a pyramid scheme, MLM program, or something along this line. I would suspect because it stated a legitimate business that you will have to make some kind of investment. Because of what I found, I would recommend that you move on to other legitimate companies and apply for those.

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May 21, 2013 - 06:51 AM

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I have worked here and although it is not technically a scam, they are unethical. For example, they get you in by making you pay for a $35 background check. You make money by recruiting people to do the same. You make $12 for every person who signs up. You get a $28 BGC bonus (background check bonus) for every 6 people, so $100. The crazy thing is that, there really is no job. They tell you that you have the chance to become an hourly CSR, but the only way to really do this is to spend more money which most of us do not have. I gave this company a try. I worked for the OTCN from June through November 2013. I never had a check as a recruiter for more than $150. I was promoted and managed an entire team and still never had a check over $186. The admin team is a joke which is compiled of Mr. Hendley the COO. His wife the HR director, his mother in law, the team lead for Atlanta, and The CEO Mr. Varner who is Mr hendleys BFF. So no thank you. This company is like a three ring circus. Is a joke. Its a trip. So please, please, please save your $35. DO NOT SAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED!!!!

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Nov 10, 2013 - 04:58 PM

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